Full Stack Creative, designing and coding digital experiences. Currently working at Liip AG in Zürich as a Frontend Developer and User Experience Designer.


Relaunch asvz.ch


The new website for the academic sports association of Zurich (ASVZ) offers detailed information about the sports offering, including a custom built schedule calendar with filtering.

Migros-Gruppe Arbeitswelt


As part of their employer branding the organizations and cooperatives of Migros unified all employment related content in one place.

Schaffhauser Kantonalbank


Offering an easy access to common topics and answers – that was the goal for the relaunch of shkb.ch. Through analyzing the content and user behavior it was possible to find out what the structure and flow should be.



rokka is an image service developed and maintained at Liip. The landing page explains the features and benefits of using rokka in a simple and visual way.

Time for Coffee Website


Landing page for the Time fo Coffee app

FREITAG City Guide Lines


It's the "urban sat-Elite-based navigation aid from FREITAG". Locals offering insights and tips for your next city trip, through video and an interactive map.

Open Source

Lazy Brush

Smooth drawing with a mouse, finger or any pointing device.


Calculate the ideal catenary between two points.


Project angles from a gyroscope onto a 2D plane.


A simple webpack setup for Drupal themes, with ES6, SCSS, Hot Module Replacement.


Extract Drupal.t and Drupal.formatPlural calls from your webpack bundles.


Integrate Drupal Behaviors into your webpack setup, including HMR (hot module replacement)


CSS filter water emulation

Emulate water using only CSS filters. animations and gradients.

CSS filter VHS effect

Glitchy VHS tracking effect using CSS filters.

CSS 3D world

3D world and scene with CSS.

Folding map transition

Simple 3D folding map with CSS transforms and transitions.

CSS blend modes

Experimenting with CSS blend modes.

CSS card flip

3D card flip using CSS transforms.

About Me

Vue.js and Nuxt.js

Used in several projects, for large SPAs, small single components on a server-rendered page or for interactive experiences.

Drupal 8

Extensive experience in frontend work with PHP, Twig and configuration for Drupal and intermediate knowledge of backend development.

Web Technologies

Though I enjoy using frameworks and libraries, I also try to get an idea of underlying APIs and browser features, especially when it comes to animations and rendering. I have experience with 2D canvas drawing, WebSockets, WebRTC and am currently exploring WebGL.

Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton, Surface

This process is the basis for my UX work. I try to follow it for all projects, but I will not enforce it. Simply because it’s not possible to have a single set of process rules for every project. I try to find the perfect balance between concept, research, design guidelines and complexity.


I exclusively use Sketch for wireframing, designing, creating illustrations, preparing assets, prototyping. I make great use of symbols and styles.

Boldness over blandness

Sometimes it’s worth it to give wild ideas a chance, especially when the counter-arguments are based on assumptions and not research.


Playing around with CSS, especially transforms, animations, transitions, filters or blend modes – pushing the limits of what's currently possible.

Design & Prototyping

From early on in the design process I visualize ideas and concepts as prototypes directly in the browser. For more complex projects the deliverables are a styleguide or if needed a component library.